Don Bosco has been retained to represent France between November 2012 and April 2014 in a Comenius project gathering six other countries : Italy, Estonia, Germany , Turkey, Portugal and Ireland. Pupils and teachers of these seven countries have to, during 2 years, work on a common theme : migratory flows through Europe.

Connected by a joint web site ( teachers and pupils of seven countries learn to know each other, communicate in a common language, English and prepare for their next meeting in class with their teacher. The first mobility took place in Ireland in November 2012 where the 7 teachers and their students met for the first time. In February 2013, 3 students from 3PP2 and their teacher went to Estonia for the second working time between pupils and teachers. The next mobilitie will continue in Portugal in April 2013. The school year 2013-2014 will see the continuation of the common project in Sicily in September 2013, in Germany in December 2013, in Nice where Don Bosco will become the host of his 6 partners and finally in Turkey in April 2014. The students will so discover another lifestyle, another way of learning in schools and compare with their French system. They will be every time welcomed by the families of their European friends and will share their time between moments in families, at school and visits on sites.